Monday, November 30

leaving on a jet plane....

back in april this year papercuts latest album "you can have what you want" was released, but i didn't really pay attention. i didn't even know they had a new one out. last week, as i was falling in love with beach house and checked their similar artists list on last fm, i recognized papercuts as one of the most similar bands to beach house. i decided to get the album and after the first listening i remembered how much i liked them back in 2007 when their album "can't go back" was on top of my lists for some days. last fm is damn right.... papercuts are similar to beach house. the music puts me in the same mood as beach house does, it's dreamy and it has this warm touch i just know from bands like .... yes beach house... and grizzly bear (to name just two.... but i could go on and on). the opener "once we walked in the sunlight" is like the entry-gate to jason quever's sometimes really abstract songwriting. it has almost everything, good dream-pop-rock-whatever-you-wanna-call-it needs... arrangements with organs, tambourines, mellow drumming and laidback singing. this continues on the whole album and peaks on the amazing "dead love" and "future primitive". the instrumentation on the album sometimes reminds me of miracle fortress... and since i love them... papercuts' "you can have what you want" will get heavy rotation on my playlists.... and the next time, i won't ignore a new papercuts release.

similar artists: beach house, grizzly bear, miracle fortress, the dodos, foreign born, department of eagles

actual album: papercuts - you can have what you want (gnomonsong - april 14, 2009)

01. once we walked in the sunlight
02. dictator's lament
03. the machine will tell us so
04. a peculiar hallelujah
05. jet plane
06. dead love
07. future primitive
08. you can have what you want
09. the void
10. the wolf

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