Sunday, November 29

nü discö

the past months we have seen a lot of new bands and artists coming up, that could all be labelled as "nu disco".... or if you want "bands and artists that sound disco'ish, that make you dance and that might have a thing for 80's electro/synthpop". normally... labels suck some major granny feet, but in this very special case i think nu disco is a good one. why? well.... this kind of music makes people wanna move their bums again. no more boring 4-to-the-floor-ravesignal-whistle-techno.... or even worse... trance-pop with dumb female vocals. some days ago i stumbled upon relation as i was checking out the hypemachine. i immediately fell in love with "superenlightened". a song that reminds me of all the positive things on dancemusic. it has a nice melody, some bright arrangements and good singing. relation (oliver keech and andrew leary) are pretty similar to miami horror, cut copy, or grafton primary and i wondered they are not from australia. their single "your tiny mind" features some great remixes, amongst others a great one by lifelike, the album "fear of night" was released on sept. 16 on urban torque management ltd. and is available on itunes. it's an entertaining trip for your ears and of course for your feet. "in minuscule" and "moscow olympic" are absolute highlights.

similar artists: lifelike, miami horror, fred falke, fenech-soler, cut copy, cinnamon chasers

actual album
: relation - fear of night (urban torque management ltd. - september 16, 2009)

01. optimistic
02. fear of night
03. lowest common denominator
04. your tiny mind
05. way outside
06. superenlightened
07. lefty
08. broken
09. moscow olympic
10. easy target
11. hypersensitive
12. in minuscule
13. here comes your man

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