Friday, December 11

beko 013 + beko 014

the bilinda butchers - tulips (beko 14)
memoryhouse - to the lighthouse (beko 13)

introducing the french digital single label beko and two bands "the bilinda butchers" & "memoryhouse". this french label releases new singles every week (on monday). in december, as a special christmas gift, they are releasing two singles every monday. the label features electronic/newgaze/dreampop and experimental music.
the bilinda butchers are from concord/usa, but now located in paris/france. their music is pretty laid back. there's a touch of the radio dept. and my bloody valentine. speaking of mbv... you now knoe where the belinda butchers got their name from! i'd label their music as electronic dream pop.
memoryhouse are from guelph/canada and i'd also label them as electronic dream pop. the vocals on their songs are brighter and it feels like an air remix of a beach house song.... or a radio dept. remix of a camera obscura song.
both songs work better if you listen to them over good headphones. this is not stadium rock ;)

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