Tuesday, December 22

cox the fox

to me, bradford cox is one of the most talented musicians in today's music scene. i love his main band deerhunter and i love his solo-project atlas sound. his musical background must be enormous and when you listen to his music, you must agree. on his latest album "logos" he gives us a 11-track taster of his very own musical world. on logos he was working with panda bear aka noah lennox ("walkabout") and laetitia stadle of stereolab ("quick canal"). it's hard to categorize this album. it's poppier than deerhunter and has a wider range of musical influences. honestly, it took me a while to fall in love with this album, but that's probably because i expected something different. nevertheless, i love this album and almost every song on it is a little anthem. "shelia", "walkabout", "criminals" and "quick canal" are my favourites.

similar artists: deerhunter, lotus plaza, panda bear, animal collective, neon indian

actual album: atlas sound - logos (4ad - october 19, 2009)


01. the light that failed

02. an orchid
03. walkabout
04. criminals
05. attic lights
06. shelia
07. quick canal
08. my halo
09. kid klimax
10. washington school
11. swimming field

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  1. I love this song! It was almost in my top 40!