Sunday, December 20

heavenly bears

a surprising second album "beast rest forth mouth" comes from the brooklyn based bear in heaven. i was desperately seeking for some new stuff in early fall as i stumbled upon the review on beast rest forth mouth review on pitchfork. i had to get my hands on this album immediately and i fell in love with it after one or two plays. to be honest, usually i am pretty fast at comparing a band with another, but with bear in heaven it isn't that easy. at first, some songs reminded me of evangelicals, but they aren't that "demonastic". bear in heaven are too straight to be compared with grizzly bear or yeasayer. in the end, i just came to a point where i said.... okay, incomparably good. favourite songs on the album: ultimate satisfaction, lovesick teenagers and wholehearted mess.

similar artists: grizzly bear, evangelicals, atlas sound, deerhunter, animal collective, yeasayer

actual album: bear in heaven - best rest forth mouth (hometapes, oct 13 2009)

01. beast in peace
02. wholehearted mess
03. you do you
04. lovesick teenagers
05. ultimate satisfaction
06. dust cloud
07. drug a wheel
08. deafening love
09. fake out
10. casual goodbye

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