Monday, December 7

intellectual swedish brits from l.a.?

did you know there are some secretly swedish musicians living in l.a.? they formed a band and called themselves "princeton". i didn't know.... and i guess they don't know it either.
now, honestly, princeton is a 4-piece (jesse kivel, matt kivel, ben usen, david kitz,) from l.a. and what i hear on princeton's debut album "cocoon of love" does indeed sound swedish with a touch of modern british indie-pop, but definitely not californian. you can compare them, easily with the likes of shout out louds, jens lekman, sambassadeur and others. some people say "wah, they are just another poppy vampire weekend spin-off, but i don't see that. yes, they have some basslines that could remind someone of vampire weekend or fool's gold. to me, cocoon of love is way stronger than fool's gold album, because they don't try to sound like..... they sound unique, even though their music is nothing new! when you listen to "korean war memorial" check out that drumming at 2:18.... doesn't it sound like the jesus and mary chain?
to me, cocoon of love is one of the best albums i've heard this fall. of course it can't beat beach house, but it's pretty close to the top...
you can read a full review at pitchfork... even though the rating is way too bad: princeton - cocoon of love revie @

similar artists: free energy, ra ra riot, local natives, forest fire, throw me the statue

actual album: princeton - cocoon of love (kanine records, 2009)

01. sadie & andy
02. show some love, when your man gets home
03. calypso gold
04. korean war memorial
05. stunner shades in heaven
06. martina and clive
07. shout it out
08. sylvie
09. i left my love in nagasaki
10. worried head
11. the wild

princeton - martina and clive krantz

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