Thursday, December 17

hurt me baby....

the jezabels - she's so hard ep
it took me a while until i fell in love with this song, but after the jezabels' awesome first ep "the man is dead", my expectations were really high. as i said, it took me a while... first because the songs on the second ep are more complex.... musically and they are darker and more melancholic. not that this was something bad, but it was way harder to fall in love. hurt me.... is a extreme grower. after 5 or 6 plays you'll either love or hate it. it surely reminds me of yeah yeah yeahs or florence and the machine, but there's this melancholy that makes it different. that piano in the beginning and the rolling drums.... the wah wah'ish guitar.... and of course the dramatic voice of mary hayley....perfect pop song. the rest of the ep is good, but not exciting. hurt me is outstanding.

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