Sunday, December 13

nya svenska hjältar

some days seem to start boring, when you wake up and take a look out of the window. grey skies and rain. then you sit in front of your computer and search the web for any new music. today is such a day.... it's grey skies outside and it was snowing. but, this time i found a little diamond on the web. twiggy frostbite, a swedish "girl-band", that does so not sound girl-band'ish. after the intro i had to turn the volume up, because what i got to hear was simply breathtaking.... and it still is... as i am writing these lines, i sit in my oxygen-tent. the music of twiggy frostbite reminded me of sigur rós at first, but after a few plays i discovered a whole lot more influences. heavenly voices singing over a bright wall of guitar feedbacks, complex drums, spheric synthesizers and then... a break which makes the singing giving you another wave of goose-bumps, before the next soundwall makes you completely drifting away. the album "through fire" was released in february and i am really surprised that i haven't heard or read anything about twiggy frostbite until today. the single "heroes" is a highlight on the album, but all other 10 songs are true diamonds. "chimera", "grime star" and "along your way" are my other favourites.

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twiggy frostbite - through fire (despotz records, feb. 18, 2009)

01. intro
02. eye for an eye
03. morning
04. thrown in two
05. chimera
06. heroes
07. grime star
08. narrow pride
09. along your way
10. all i need
11. still here
12. angels

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  1. Thnx Frankie! Very nice, and what a beautiful clip! (also a little bit sad, but thats funny)