Monday, December 21

this is why i love britain....

yesterday i was posting about james and the 20th anniversary of the "sit down" single release... today i am posting about the reason why i fell in love with james again.... stornoway, a young band from oxford. my online-buddy from belgium posted about them on his blog disco naivete and he introduced them to me. i got their second ep "on the rocks" (2008) and the actual single "zorbing". if you listen to some of their songs closely, especially "unfaithful" and "on the rocks" you might see or hear a slight similarity to james. the voices sound almost the same... at least to me. musically they mix folk, britpop and rock. out comes very entertaining.... sometimes funny style (like on "the good fish guide"... which reminds me of monty python... dunno why). definitely a band to keep an eye on in the next couple of months... or years.

similar artists: the epstein, freelance whales, the maccabees, pull tiger tail, the invisible

actual single: stornoway - zorbing (hatpop - june 8, 2009)

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