Sunday, December 20

sit down....

today's a day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the "sit down" single release. i couldn't believe it's 20 years ago, because this song sounds so fresh and so up to date, but yes, the original release was in 1989 on rough trade. they re-released it in 1990, when madchester rave was the big thing and the song became a smash hit and rave-hymn. they got named as one of manchester's most important bands, along with bands such as joy division, new order, the smiths, the stone roses, the verve, oasis, the charlatans, happy mondays, inspiral carpets and others. like some of these bands, james also released on factory redords... probably the most important record-label in the uk.
sit down is one of my alltime favourites and whenever i hear it, it gives me goose-bumps and it reminds me of a lotta things. it's a real anthem.
sit down's not the only great song by james. through the years, these guys from manchester have released tons of great songs and albums. what makes james' music so very special is tim booth's wonderful voice. some say, it's stadium-pop with a touch of indie, but that is so not true, especially not when you know more than just their hits "sit down", "laid", "born of frustration" and "she's a star".
soooo.... let's celebrate, let's sit down and listen to james!!!

album discography:
- stutter
1988 - strip-mine
1989 - one man clapping
1990 - cold mother
1992 - seven
1993 - laid
1994 - wah wah
1997 - whiplash
1998 - the best of james
1999 - millionaires
2001 - pleased to meet you
2001 - ultra
2002 - getting away with it live
2004 - the collection
2007 - fresh as daisy - the singles

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  1. I downloaded their Hey Ma album of 2008, nice :D
    Why isn't it in ur discography?