Sunday, December 13

vive la france....

the penelope(s) been around for a while. before they signed to vitalic's citizen records, they released on different techno and electro labels, such as hell's gigolo records. their debut album "the arrogance of simplicity" was released in 2006. now three years later, their second album "priceless concrete echoes" is in the stores. it makes me wanna shout out loud "vive la france". i mean, okay, i have a thing for anything french anyways ...and i am not just talking about music. but... when it comes to music, the penelopes are definitely one of the best (but underrated) french acts. their single "stuck in lalaland" was on heavy rotation in early fall, on my playlists and will end up in the top 20 of my top 100 of 2009. the song is uber catchy and morpheus' vocals are too good. normally i am not a huge fan of voices like his, but it works perfect on the song.
the next song that is about to become a personal hit is "demian". this time with guest vocals by "dierde". demian makes me wanna dance all night long. straight, catchy beats.... a dancefloor filler. some samples remind me of thomas schumacher's 1996 techno hit "ficken?". two great songs, that made me getting the album "priceless concrete echoes". surprise, surprise, i got the north american editon which is a bit different to the european release. the album features the singles plus 9 other songs, that vary from retro electro to indie-pop. it also features a cover-version of beastie boys' sabotage. anyone who loves van she and/or autokratz, must get the album. most favourites songs, besides the singles are: "licked by love" and "the heat goes on".

similar artists: van she, john lord fonda, 80kidz, data, autokratz

album: the penelope(s) - priceless concret ecoes (citizen records, sep. 18, 2009)

01. stuck in lalaland
02. demian
03. licked by love
04. circle of seasons
05. saved
06. joey santiago
07. sabotage
08. long black fly
09. the heat goes on
10. concrete
11. your plan for happiness

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