Friday, January 8


this is food for a shoegazer's heart and especially soul. malory, the german shoegaze/dream-pop band is back with an amazing new album. malory are often described as a slowdive-copy.... which is probably not 100% wrong.... but if we're honest... is it that bad? slowdive were shoegaze-heroes and since there aren't too many bands that play that sort of dreamy shoegaze.... i'd say malory earn this label... and when i say label, i mean it in a very positive way.
the album "pearl diver" contains 10 songs plus a hidden track. (the single "secret love" is not on the album). those ten tracks swing anywhere between lush melodies in the background, walls of guitars, boy vs girl vocals, electronic beats and laid back drums. at some parts the album is about to drift into a way too kinky direction, but before this happens malory are leading themselves back on the track. this album is a feast for everyone who loves to daydream with headphones on. favourite songs: "caché", "tornado", "the signs" and the single "secret love"

similar artists: slowdive, air formation, secret shine, airiel, the daysleepers, soundpool

actual album: malory - pearl diver (club ac30 - 11.01.2010)

01. floating
02. the signs
03. caché
04. water in my hands
05. pearl diver
06. back to the point (i've started from)
07. dragon in you
08. tornado
09. ajar door (live version)
10. sarah

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