Wednesday, February 24

anthems for doomed romantics...

it's been a while since i wrote about a post-punk band, but veil veil vanish, the san francisco-based 4-piece combines dark post-punk energy with modern indie rock passion and shoegaze, wall-of-sound ethereality. they have claimed some international attention and critical praise for fusing ‘70s glam, ‘80s new wave & synth-pop and ‘90s shoegaze onto current post-punk revival styles to create an atmospheric tapestry that draws frequent comparisons with the cure at their peak. after hearing "change in the neon light" i found a connection with the cure.... with all the rolling basslines, reverb saturated lead guitars and especially the singing. honestly.... who cares, as long the music kicks ass? and it does! favourites after 2 plays.... "cange in the neon light", "anthem for a doomed youth" and "pharmaceutical party platform".

similar artists: the cure, mercy arms, the prids, sleepmask, bell hollow

actual album: veil veil vanish - change in the neon light (23.02.2010)

01. change in the neon light
02. anthem for a doomed youth
03. exile city
04. modern lust
05. pharmaceutical party platform
06. secondhand daylight
07. this is violet
08. detachment
09. the wilderness