Monday, February 22

big echo...

i don't wanna lose too many words about the morning benders' new album big echo. there' s the amazing song "excuses" that a friend recommended to me just a few days ago. i immediately fell in love with this song. my love is still growing, especially since i saw that uber awesome video on youtube. since the album was co-produced by chris taylor (grizzly bear), i needed to listen to it. as i mentioned above, i don't wanna lose too many words.... because this album needs no words. it's fantastic. it's awesome. sit back with your headphones on and listen to it very very loud. don't let anyone disturb you... personal highlights: excuses, stitches and hand me downs (if i had to choose three).

similar artists: miniature tigers, someone still loves you, boris yeltsin, grizzly bear, ra ra riot, the submarines

upcoming album: the morning benders - big echo (rough trade - 09.03.2010)

01. excuses
02. promises
03. wet cement
04. cold war (nice clean fight)
05. pleasure sighs
06. hand me downs
07. mason jar
08. all day day light
09. stitches
10. sleeping in

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