Tuesday, February 9

fight softly....

ryan mcphun and his "the ruby suns" return with a new album in march. it's their second release on sub pop records. after their highly acclaimed 2007 album "sea lion", the expectations were pretty high, since sea lion was a wonderful trip through the ethnic depths of alternative and folk music. the opener "sun lake rinsed" is some sorta guiding light through this album. very electric, a little ac'ish and less world-music'ish or folk'ish. my favourite song after a few plays is "mingus and pike". it has a nice beat and is pretty similar to caribou's masterpiece odessa.... at least to me.... but then again... it could also be a yeasayer song.... or some hidden song from animal collective's merriweather post pavillon. it also has some 80s effects that remind me of prince's hit 1999. another highlight is "cinco". it's exactly that sorta song that i'd do on my computer if i had the right software and.... ryan's talent for complex songwriting. it's another danceable song and another animal collective or yeasayer'ish composition. i am not sure about "cranberry", because i don't know if i wanna dance around at copacabana beach while listening to this song, or if wanna flirt with some peruanian cutie while i sit on a bench in lima city with my headphones on and cranberry is playing. loveable song. "closet astrologer" is a nice song name and the song is a bit what some people would call "freakatronica". a bit out of this world. the next songs do have a bit of everything of the first 5 songs, but they are weaker. not that i don't like them, it's just that they are not that strong. conclusion: great album.... especially because of the first half. i am sure the second half will grow on me soon.

similar artists
: evangelicals, high places, papercuts, panda bear, le loup

actual album: the ruby suns - fight softly (sub pop - 02.03.2010)

01. sun lake rinsed
02. mingus and pike
03. cinco
04. cranberry
05. closet astrologer
06. haunted house
07. how kids fall
08. dusty fruit
09. two humans
10. olympics on pot


  1. I got their album too last weekend :D love them! So i've to post about them too and steal all the information I find on yours ^__^
    Yeah, I'm evil =p

  2. hehe.... steal all you can motherfucker