Thursday, February 11

from noise to folk-pop...

to me the magnetic fields always have been some very mysterious band. i never really got behind their intentions or motivation to make music. stephen merrit is one great songwriter, without a doubt, but i am still not sure if he's the most serious person when it comes to songwriting. otherwise.... name one songwriter who's 100% serious or hoenst about what he/she's writing..... except bono vox... but ummm yeah... the word is songwriter, not pseudo-messiah. stephen merrit is not a messaiah but a great entertainer and i guess that's what really counts. after the disturbing album "distortion" i heard a lot of people saying "man what kinda eff is this" or "the magnetic fields want to sound like the jesus & mary chain, but in fact they sound crap". honestly, i liked distortion. now "realism" is something completely different. take away all the distortion and noise, drums and the jesus & mary chain attitude.... add some fairground attractions, tablas, banjos, tambourines, acoustic guitars, sweet melodies and a little bit of late 60s brit-folk.... out comes realism. okay, that's pretty easy to describe the new album, but that's how to put it in a nutshell. honestly, i really love the album. i love the more eclectic attitude of realism and how all the songs work perfectly together. it's an album i wanna hear in spring and summer. especially songs like "i don't know what to say", the opener "you must be out of your mind" and "the dada polka" (the only song i recognized drums). if i was pitchfork, i'd give it a 8,5.... but i am not and so i just say... hell yeah, i love it!

similar artists
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actual album: the magnetic fields - realism (nonesuch - 22.01.2010)

01. you must be out of your mind
02. interlude
03. we are having a hootenanny
04. i don't know what to say
05. the dolls' tea party
06. everything is one big christmas tree
07. walk a lonely road
08. always already gone
09. seduced and abandonded
10. better things
11. painted flowers
12. the dada polka
13. from a sinking boat

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