Sunday, February 28

german foals?...

over here in germany it's not that easy to become famous or even known, especially not, if you're an artist or band apart from mainstream and charts oreintated crap. germany doesn't really have a radio-station that features indie/alternative music. it all happens in the dark... or late at night, when nobody listens, except for the real nerds. that's probably one reason why german artists never really get too much attention. shows like "deutschland sucht den superstar" or "popstars" on tv, where idiots with no talent but tits n ass are jumping around, proving how dumb they are... and of course the audience, give me the feeling that this country doesn't even know what good music is... at least 90% of the citizens. nevertheless, germany has some nice artists and bands. get well soon for example.... and now beat! beat! beat!. i know, the headline is some bad try to label them, but honestly, it fits pretty well. when i was listening to "fireworks" the first time i really thought it was som old foals song, or some foals remix of an unknown band. it's pretty similar. "stars", the ep-opener is even stronger, but less foals'ish. it has the rolling basslines and a similar guitar arrangement, but it has straighter drums. in the end there's a touch of "olympic airways". great tune. "we are waves" is the weakest song and to me... nothing more than a gap-filling song between two great tunes. the laubér remix of that song doesn't touch me either. that cinematics shoegaze remix of "stars" is nice and solid, but honestly... why the eff is it called "shoegaze remix"? i don't see any shoegaze'ish elements there... nor can i hear them. maybe they mean the last 10 seconds? a great ep, with two outstanding tunes, one solid remix and two okay'ish songs. we should keep an eye on these guys from viersen (near cologne). their ep is available on itunes!!.

similar artists: foals, flashguns, pigeons like ice cream, two door cinema club, me succeeds

ep: beat! beat! beat! - stars ep (richard-mohlmann records - 09.10.2009)

01. stars
02. we are waves
03. fireworks
04. stars (the cinematics shoegaze remix)
05. we are waves (laubér remix)

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