Monday, February 8

getting intuit....

ramona falls is one of a few side-projects of the portland/oregon based menomena. on "intuit" (means "into it" and does not mean some innuit-tribe or something), brent knopf does give us an acoustic view on what great songwriter he is. i am a bit late with that review, since the album came out in august last year, but i just found out about this menomena side-project when i was browsing the web for news on menomena. the first song, that i fell in love with was and still is "i say fever". on this song, there's this very special change of mellow parts and uptempo parts that i know from menomena songs, but unlike them, ramona falls sounds way straighter. okay, this album also has slight chaotic instrumentation moments (for example on "salt sack"), or at least they seem chaotic, but if you listen closely you'll hear that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel that leads all instruments back on track. at first, i was about to say ramona falls sounds a bit like a patrick wolf b-side remixed by owen pallett with the help of shearwater. that would've been way too easy to describe the complex sound. songs like "russia" and "the darkest day" prove that the album lives from the change of poweful and mellow songs.

similar artists: menomena, bear in heaven, nurses, megafun, yeasayer

actual album: ramona falls - intuit (souterrain - 21.08.2009)

01. melectric
02. i say fever
03. clover
04. russia
05. going once, going twice
06. salt sack
07. boy ant
08. always right
09. the darkest day
10. bellyfulla
11. diamond shovel

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