Sunday, February 7

in all the right ways

our book and the authors are gabriel d'amour and jean-christian arod. they're located in montréal and they have often been compared with acts like the postal service, maps, beirut and others. i discovered them in summer last year, but i never really listened to them, except the outstanding song "killing flies". last week, when i was looking for songs for another eden in stereo compilation, i stumbled upon their album again and i decided to fancy another listen. honestly, i was about to kick my ass, because i immediately fell in love with the album and i got a little upset, that this didn't happen in summer last year.
killing flies is an outstanding song, but the whole album is a masterpiece. it lives from the warm atmosphere thes e guys produce with their excellent sound and singing. i am not a huge fan of piano driven songs, but on "watch me" it works perfect and matches with the wonderful singingn and the electronic instrumentation. a song that gives me goose-bumps all over. same happend to me while listening to "everyone forever" and "causes". fantastic album... heavily underrated!

similar artists: broken bells, memory tapes, the postal service, maps, faunts

album: our book and the authors - our book and the authors (our book and the authors - 13.05.2009)

01. intro
02. kids
03. in all the wrong ways
04. killing flies
05. the fire
06. broken wrist
07. digging deeper
08. monday
09. everyone forever
10. square
11. causes
12. watch me
13. in all the wrong ways (erase remix)


  1. this_charming_berndFebruary 9, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    this sound pretty good!
    thanks for the recommandation