Wednesday, February 3

listen.... it's good for you!

when i discovered two door cinema club in early 2009 i knew they're gonna be big, but i didn't expect i'd become such an addict to their stuff. i had to get my hands on their ep "four words to stand on" - which features early versions of "do you want it all", "cigarettes in the theatre" and "undercover martyn". later in 2009 their single "i can talk" really kicked me and i got a little impatient to know about an album release. now... finally their debut will come out on march 1. before that, they're gonna release another single... "undercover martyn". the new version of undercover martyn fits pretty well in the series of single releases. besides, there are som excellent remixes on the cdm. the "softwar remix" sounds a bit "fenech-soler"'ish and is a dancefloor filler par-exellence. the album itself contains 10 songs, of which 5 songs are previously unreleased. these new songs alone are worth getting the album. they kick ass.... they make me wanna dance all night long... simply brillant. except "i can talk", all other songs were re-recorded for the album. the new versions sound straighter, poppier and are even more danceable. especially "cigarettes in the theatre" sounds so much better than on the ep. my very personal highlight on the album is the fantastic "eat that up, it's good for you". i can't wait for march 1. i want this album so bad. it's the definition of modern pop-music. i know it's a bit early, but to me... "tourist history" is on one of top albums in 2010. thanks to kitsuné for signing these guys. plus.... they'll be on tour again. check their site for dates. two door cinema club tour dates. this band.... go see them and have a great time!

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album: two door cinema club - tourist history (kitsuné - 01.03.2010)

01. cigarettes in the theatre
02. come back home
03. do you want it all?
04. this is the life
05. something good can work
06. i can talk
07. undercover martyn
08. what you know
09. eat that up, it's good for you
10. you're not stubborn

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