Tuesday, February 23

modern creatures...

my gold mask is gretta rochelle and jack armondo... hailing from chicago they're like a fresh breeze from windy city. they have one album out.. "my gold mask", which is available on their website. i haven't got a chance to d/l it til now, because i heard the amazing "violet eyes" first and needed to get the ep. besides violet skies the ep contains 4 new songs. on their myspace they say about themselves.... "we sound like a fuzzy blanket of cactus prickles. plates crashing on the ground. mist on a lake, echoes in a cave. fruit loops in pink milk. electrified nylon on wood.... and so on, but honestly... all that describes them pretty well. sometimes they remind me of old yeah yeah yeahs and sometimes they sound like a less minimalistic the xx. they could also be a new and up-to-date version of the creatures (if you don't know... the creatures were a siouxsie & the banshees sideproject). i like them beacause they sound unique. i love gretta's voice. it makes their songs sound a little 80s-like. my favourite songs are "circle mass" and "fingerprints". their ep is available on itunes, or go to their homepage and d/l it from there: my gold mask - a thousand voices e1p download.

similar artists: thecocknbullkid, the xx, yeah yeah yeahs, hecuba, planningtorock

actual ep: my gold mask - a thousand voices (my gold mask - 09.01.2010)

01. violet eyes
02. all up in the air
03. fingerprints
04. circle mass
05. outro

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