Sunday, February 14


another album i was desperately waiting for.... shy child - liquid love. i loved their 2007 album "noise won't stop". it was the time of klaxons and other "nu rave" stuff and i saw this album on many "nu rave" lists. now... almost three years later times have changed. no one really talks about nu rave anymore (at least not until the long awaited follow up by klaxons.... but that's something completely different). even shy child seem to have put that label in a basket and threw it out of the window. i didn't know what i expected, but what i get to hear is pretty neat. it's 80's influenced dance music. okay, there are a lot of bands that follow this trend, but the question is.... good or bad. shy child are one band that is doing it in a good way. i am not overwhelmed, no i am not, but i am utterly satisfied. some songs on the new album really remind me of bands such as empire of the sun and cut copy, or grafton primary and especially of relation (in a positive way), but they came first and did it better. the album works well on the dancefloor, especially the disconnected remixes (the ocelot remix kicks some major ass!!!). i sure do miss some surprise effects.... something that would completely overwhelm me, but there isn't anything like that. no doubt, it's a solid album, and it'll still grow on me, but next time.... more surprises please.

similar artists: cut copy, grafton primary, empire of the sun, pnau, van she

upcoming album: shy child - liquid love (wall of sound - 19.03.2010)

01. liquid love
02. disconnected
03. take us apart
04. criss cross
05. the beatles
06. open up the sky
07. esp
08. depth of feel
09. strange emotion
10. dark destiny

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