Sunday, February 21

winter of new rabbits...

after two great studio albums ("sing the greys" 2007 and "the midnight organ fight" 2008) and a live album (live! lung! fr! 2009), this amazing scottish band is back with their brand new album "the winter of mixed drinks". the first single of the album "swim until you can't see land" was released in october 2009, but this song never really got me.... or it took ages until i started to love it. the album is different... different compared to the single. it's way darker and dramatic than the single. it's like a step forward from "the midnight organ fight" into an unknown direction. sometimes the new album reminds me of glasvegas without the uber-pathetic attitude. the opener "things" is one great intro into the album. the dark guitars make me feel cold, but the warm singing is like the blanket to keep me warm and protect me from the cold. on "the loneliness" fr prove, that they're masters at placing chorusses without sounding dumb or like a bunch of idiot football fans. "the wrestle" and "skip the youth" are two songs that remind me the most of "the midnight organ fight". "nothing like you" will be the new single (feb 22) and that's what it sounds like. probably the straightest song.... sounds a bit snow patrol'ish. my personal highlights on the album "foot shooter" and "not miserable". i wouldn't wonder if fr played stadium gigs soon, because that sound is made for stadiums. i am not talking about stadium rock, but that wall of sound would work perfect in a stadium.... or in a cave.... or even better, a large cathedral. ....what about notre dame? great album.... if this doesn't give you goose bumps, you're retarded!

similar artists: the twilight sad, we are promised jetpacks, twin atlantic, my latest novel, glasvegas

upcoming album: frightened rabbit - the winter of mixed drinks (fatcat - 05.03.2010)

01. things
02. swim until youcan't see land
03. the loneliness
04. the wrestle
05. skip the youth
06. nothing like you
07. man/bag of sand
08. foot shooter
09. not miserable
10. living in colour
11. yes, i would
12. fun stuff (special edition only)
13. learned your name (special edition only)

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