Monday, March 29

8-bit is dead...

the depreciation guild is a three-piece from brooklyn, even though the band-members' names sound more german or austrian. funny, christoph and anton hochheim... their last name is also the name of a town pretty close to where i live.
"spirit youth" is the second album by tdg. i don't know their debut album "in her gentle jaws" yet, but i am gonna change this fact. their "nautilus ep" from 2009 was a great "8-bit-chiptune-dreampop-shoegaze-pop-song", but i didn't really pay too much attention. now, that i've heard some of the new songs, i gotta say that this band is heavily underrated and i am pretty sure they get a lot more attention with their new album, including me.
musically the album is less electronic than expected (i've noticed some tags, especially on and thought they'd be another "maps", "kyte" or "ulrich schnauss" clone). their musical influences vary from mid-80s indie (cocteau twins, the jesus & mary chain) to 90s shoegaze (slowdive, my bloody valentine). don't believe the tags "chiptune" or "8-bit".... the album is way more rock than electronic.... way way more. a very nice and unexpected surprise!
7,5/10 (fk)

similar artists: airiel, amusement parks on fire, fleeting joys, sweet trip, anamanaguchi

forthcoming album: the depreciation guild - spirit youth (kanine records - april/20/2010)
pre-order it or download the album (when available) @ amazon

01. my chariot

02. crucify you
03. blue lily
04. dream about me
05. november
06. trace
07. a key turns
08. spirit youth
09. through the snow
10. white moth

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