Sunday, March 21

back to the future...

judging bands after what they look like can be really dangerous. honestly... i sometimes do that and it happend again, when a friend recommended future islands to me. i checked their pics on myspace and thought "erm what the eff....?". they look more like a nerdy us-college-power-pop band than a hip and cool electronic new wave group, but that's exactly what they are. they're hailing from baltimore.... yes the home of animal collective, dan deacon, wye oak and not to forget beach house.
future islands new album is an entertaining trip back to the good old times of new wave with the help of modern electronics and computers. the singing could be recorded in 1982 and mixed to the songs in 2010. they remind me of "hearts of black science" without the drama (and the eyeliner) and of she wants revenge, without the silly attitude. this new album is a nice surprise and will probably get a lot of plays on my playlist. ... go check their videos on youtube.
8/10 (fk)

similar artists: dan deacon, hearts of black science, moss of aura, solid gold, silk flowers

forthcoming album: future islands - in evening air (thrill jockey - 04.05.2010)

01. walking through that door
02. long flight
03. tin man
04. an apology
05. in evening air
06. swept inside
07. inch of dust
08. vireo's eye
09. as i fall


  1. I almost taught you were sick again! (or still) Because you didn't post anything for a while, but this is soooo amazing! :o