Monday, March 22

here they come magic....

last year, here we go magic's wonderful "fangela" was one of my favourite songs.... but since then i haven't really heard lots about this five-piece from new york. their debut album (released in 2009 on western vinyl) was an okay album... but it just contained early 4-track demos. okay..... nothing more, nothing less.
now, that they're signed to "secretly canadian" and they're about to release their first real album album "pigeons" i was curious to know about what they sound like when they had enough time to record their songs in a studio..... and what can i say... their new album is great. it's a mixture of up-tempo songs with a little mgmt-touch ("collector" for example.... what a great tune...!!!) and mid-tempo songs that remind me of galaxie 500 sometimes ("bottom feeder"). that's probably because luke temple's voice sounds similar to dean wareham of galaxie 500.... at least at times. musically the album swings between post-rock'ish sounds, shoegaze, "caribou'esque" electronic indie and pop. "surprise" really surprised me when i was starting to think of that 70s teenage movie "la boum" while listening to that song. there's something about the melody that reminds me of it. funny thing. anyways, don't expect another "fangela" on the album.... it's pretty different..... in a very positive way. thumbs up for this!!!
9/10 (fk)

similar artists: lotus plaza, department of eagles, mgmt, galaxie 500, grizzly bear

forthcoming album: here we go magic - pigeons (secretly canadian - June/08/2010)

01. hibernation
02. collector
03. casual
04. surprise
05. bottom feeder
06. moon
07. old world united
08. f.f.a.p.
09. land of feeling
10. vegetable or native
11. herbie i love you, now i know

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  1. really interesting take on this...i haven't been able to get into the record, but i'm definitely going to check out Galaxie 500 and their first record too now. siiigh, and i'm such a fan of their label brethren dirty projectors!