Thursday, March 25

kisses in the spring...

imagine jens lekman, the radio dept., the sound of arrows and cut copy would come together in one band.... wouldn't that be great? yes, i think so too, but since this won't ever happen we should look out for a suitable alternative. i guess i found one.... kisses! this two-piece (jesse kivel & zinzi edmundson) from los angeles/california are my new heroes of spring. they sound very swedish... and so not american. more swedish than jens lekman, to be honest. it's wonderful pop-music made for lush days in spring. it's danceable and it has style. while listening to this i wanna hang with my close friends... anywhere outside, eating strawberry popsicles and talking about these hot new snazzy shades i got. thanks to a friend who recommended kisses to me just yesterday.
compared to delorean's disappointing debut album "subiza", kisses' debut is a positive example how to make a good pop record, that's danceable and varied. besides that.... as mentioned above, kisses have style! most favourite songs: "bermuda", "people can do the most amazing things", "weekend in brooklyn" and "lovers".
8,5/10 (fk)

similar artists: jens lekman, the radio dept., wolf gang, small black, white hinterland

actual album: kisses - the heart of the nightlife ( release date yet)

01. kisses
02. bermuda
03. people can do the most amazing things
04. women of the club
05. the heart of the nightlife
06. lovers
07. weekend in brooklyn
08. midnight lover
09. on the movie

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