Wednesday, March 31

more science for the living....

less than a year after kyte released their 2-cd album "science for the living", they return with another full-length album. their 2009 album science for the living was released in japan only and continued songs from their previous album and ep's plus some new songs. some of the "new" songs ("the smoke saves lives", "designed for damage", "fear from death" "no-one's angry, just afraid", "fake handshakes, earnest smiles", "strangest words and pictures") found their way on kyte's forthcoming album "dead waves". those 6 songs and another 6 brandnew songs make this album a perfect trip through the depths of their electronic dreampop empire. if you love bands and artists such as "maps", "m83" or "ulrich schnauss", then you'll love this album. to me, kyte are one of the best but yet underrated bands! this band needs more support.... so go and order the album. their song "fake handshakes, earnest smiles" hasn't lost any of it's magic throughout the months i know and love it. this tune and "ihnfsa" are my album highlights.
8,5/10 (fk)

similar artists: maps, m83, ulrich schnauss, the radio dept., jeniferever

tags: electronic, shoegaze

forthcoming album: kyte - dead waves (kids - april/19/2010 (uk) / april/20/2010 (d))
pre-order it here:

01. the smoke saves lives

02. ihnfsa
03. you're alone tonight
04. designed for damage
05. like she said
06. fear from death
07. each life critical
08. no-one is angry, just afraid
09. guns and knives
10. fake handshakes, earnest smiles
11. dead waves
12. strangest words and pictures

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