Saturday, March 13

nine new fairy-tales from troll-land....

if you have some troll in your house and you do not know how to deal with him.... don't forget trolls are friendly and they don't wanna harm you. i am pretty sure you can make him your friend if you're going to play jónsi's new album "go" all day long. this album does sound like a troll-symphony. it's magic, it's spheric and has that very special something that only trolls know about. i am not sure about jónsi, but could it be.... he's just some enchanted troll?
musically "go" isn't really something new, but the way jónsi makes music always fascinates me. his ethereal voice.... the instrumention on almost evey song.... the whole package makes this album some acoustic fairy-tale. it's like a perfect combination of sigur rós'ish soundwalls, pop'ish moments and electronic padding. it reminds me more of sin fang bous' masterpiece "clangour" than of any sigur rós album. the magic "grow till tall" is the strongest song on the album and probably the one that is most similar to sigur rós. what i really like about this album is, that the mix of downtempo and uptempo songs works perfect.

similar artists: sigur rós, parachutes, seabear, sin fang bous, jónsi & alex

forthcoming album: jónsi - go (parlophone - 02.04.2010)

01. go do
02. animal arithmetic
03. tornado
04. boy lilikoi
05. sinking friendships
06. kolniður
07. around us
08. grow till tall
09. hengilás

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