Thursday, March 11

perfect canadian reindeers...

there are a lot of bands that are worth keeping an eye on, but caribou is definitely one to keep two eyes on. i got to know them in 2005 and wasn't really in love with their 2005 album "the milk of human kindness" at first, but the more i was listening to it, the more i fell in love with it. in the end, i couldn't really wait to hear something new. the follow up "andorra" had so many good songs on it... to be exact 9! i fell in love with the album after a few plays and i still am in love. a masterpiece. i couldn't think of caribou releasing an album stronger than "andorra", but hell yes, they did!
swim is fantastic. it's a master's masterpiece. every song is a pearl. to me, swim is perfect intelligent electronic music. at parts it reminds me of a modern version of kraftwerk. that bassline and the smooth singing on "leave house" are absolutely amazing and i can't sit still on my chair while listening to it! "sun" reminds me of one of the best dj's and techno producers from france, laurent garnier. it's like a missing link between techno and indie/alternative. and i don't mean techno in a negative way. pantha du prince tried it, but caribou did it! there's no real highlight on the album, because the album itself is a highlight. if i'd have to rate it..... 10/10!!!!!

similar artists: yeasayer, four tet, manitoba, the books, broadcast

forthcoming album: caribou - swim (city slang - 16.04.2010)

01. odessa
02. sun
03. kaili
04. found out
05. bowls
06. leave house
07. hannibal
08. lalibela
09. jamelia

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