Thursday, April 1

bangor bangor bangor...

some weeks ago, two door cinema club recommended a band named "kowalski" on their twitter and since i am always very curious, i had to check them out. to my surprise kowalski offered a free mp3 ("get back") on their homepage and i imediately fell in love with this song. it's pretty similar to two door cinema club.... probably not just because they're real life mates and they're also from bangor / northern ireland.
their new ep "take care, take flight" was released today and it is absolutely amazing. some might say "oh man, but this is so similar to two door cinema club". maybe it is, but there are some differences. kowalksi's sound is less happy and less electronic, but i agree, their songs have that very special "i wanna hear more" thing, that made me a tdcc addict. at some parts on the ep, they remind me of death cab for cutie (they have named them as one of their influences). the title-track is a wonderful indie-pop song and has high potential to become their very first "hit", appreciated by a larger amount of people. you really need to buy this ep. they offer it on their homepage for a special price. but you can also d/l it from itunes. absolutely worth the money.
9/10 (fk)

similar artists: two door cinema club, bombay bicycle club, hockey, phoenix, general fiasco

tags: indie, pop

actual ep: kowalksi - take care, take flight ep (self released - april/1/2010)
download it from ITUNES or here: kowalski.bandcamp

01. asleep

02. get back
03. letters from the height of summer (dear bird)
04. i.d.o
05. navigate november
06. take care, take flight

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