Saturday, April 3

dance! monster - part II

baby monster, the duo from portland/oregon, who have released one of my 2009 favourites "ultra violence and beethoven" are returning with a brand new single on march 29. it's a two track single on the new label "big stereo". the a-side is not a new ultra violence and beethoven, but it's another nice dance-tune. they are now playing the same league as... for example cut copy, empire of the sun or walter meego. i like this tune, but i love the b-side "sudden symphony". it's some intelligent dance tune and sorta similar to "ultra violence and beethoven". it gave me goose-bumps as i was listening to it the first time. this tune alone is worth getting the single. a slight 80s touch, without getting too kinky.... awesome. wanna hear more soon!!
she comes alive: 6/10, sudden symphony: 9/10 (fk)

similar artists: penguin prison, fenech-soler, egyptian hip hop, cut copy, empire of the sun

tags: electronic, dance

actual single: baby monster - she comes alive / sudden symphony (big stereo - 29.03.2010)
download it from itunes or order it here: big stereo

01. she comes alive
02. sudden symphony

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