Thursday, April 29

electric summer...

summer is about to come. the time of excessive bbq's and neverending parties outside. therefore i decided to put my most favourite dance-tunes on a cd. this is what came out. some kind of soundtrack through hot summer nights. it works perfect in your car.... especially when you're on your way to a club or a party. it also works well at home to get you lazy bum up from that chair in front of your computer. it includes brand new tracks by autokratz, miami horror, crystal castles, fortune and ou est le swimming pool. i also put some classic dance tunes and a few great remixes from the past 12 months on this compilation. turn up the volume and the bass, it's time to move your ass baby!!!

tags: electronic, dance

01. parallels - dry blood

02. crystal castles - vietnam
03. goldfrapp - rocket (richard x eight four remix)
04. fortune - at night
05. the golden filter - hide me
06. we have band - divisive
07. ou est le swimming pool - these new knights
08. shy child - disconnected (ocelot remix)
09. hot chip - we have love
10. zoot woman - things are what they used to be
11. autokratz - kick
12. walter meego - through a keyhole (le castle vania remix)
13. chew lips - gold key
14. peaches - more
15. penguin prison - something i'm not
16. baby monster - sudden symphony
17. fenech-soler - lies (alex metric remix)
18. monarchy - gold in the fire
19. relation - superenlightened
20. miami horror - moon theory


  1. autoKratz has some new songs?

  2. yes, new ep "kick" was released yesterday! you can d/l for free from their myspace!