Sunday, April 11

french florence and the machine?...

is pamela hute the french florence and the machine? the answer is simply NO! they're a 3-piece from paris. and their music is straigt indie-rock and more similar to stuck in the sound (another good french indie-rock band) and for example the wombats. no, they're not even half as kinky and boring as the wombats, but also they're not yet another florence clone. their music is nothing really new, but to my surprise the 12 songs sound fresh and it's really fun listening to them. it's been a while since i liked this kind of music, because we had too much of it. this is like one of the very few indie-rock albums that are worth a listen or two... or more, if you're in the mood. the single "don't help me" got hit potential, but my personal highlight is "pink safari" which starts off like a song by air. it's the strongest song on the album. hint hint.... pamela hute... this is the way that could lead you into a bright future.
6,5/10 (fk)

similar artists: stuck in the sound, mademoiselle k, florence and the machine, kim novak, hushpuppies

tags: indie, rock

actual album: pamela hute - turtle tales from overseas (tot ou tard records - may/3/2010)
album will be available on itunes

01. hysterical

02. my dear
03. don't help me
04. chocolate soup
05. parachute
06. you call me dear
07. you made me lady
08. tell me more
09. umbrella
10. friend
11. taste it
12. pink safari

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