Friday, April 9

library psychedelia...

librarians are a 4-piece from morgantown/west virginia and their sound is some addictive mixture of psychedelics, electronics and all sorts of elements that can be found in modern alternative music, such as the mentioned similar artists. honestly it takes a while to fall in love with this album, since the singing doesn't really fit at some parts. it's a bit of a foreign substance.... but the more i listen to the whole album the more i am okay with the singing. librarians vary their sound from flexed electro-pop muscles to chill-wave-glam-rock. it's utterly entertaining. the opener "marilla park" reminds me of echo & the bunnymen, while "candy season" is the one song that is most similar to animal collective.... even the singing reminds me of noah lennox. the absolute highlight on the album, to me, is "kid stuff". the synth-bassline in the beginning gets me high and when the guitar starts i am completely gone to "psychotronic heaven". some reviews talk about "baroque pop", which is not completely wrong, but it doesn't really hit what this album is about. the album is what the title says.... past the present, up and away to a bright psychedelic future.

similar artists: animal collective, grizzly bear, evangelicals, big ass manatee, shoe

tags: experimental, psychedelic

actual album: librarians - present passed (postfact records - march/30/2010)
available on itunes or buy it directly from postfact records (us): postfact records

01. marilla park

02. candy season
03. wait and see
04. cranberry palace
05. hard to unwind
06. island jam
07. polar opposite
08. so what
09. kid stuff
10. present passed

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