Thursday, April 22

more antidotes...

fleet foxes on a foals record? this was my first thought when i listened to the opener on foals' sophomore album "total life forever". the singing in the beginning of "blue blood" does sound like fleet foxes. i was quite amused when the song developed and the very typical foals'esque instrumentation made this song a very strange, but interesting hybrid of foals and fleet foxes. honestly, i didn't know what to expect from the new album, but the way it starts off and continues makes me hunger for more. "miami" and "total life forever" are two great "gap fillers" for the next highlights "black gold" and of course "spanish sahara". black gold has some post-rock elements and reminds me of some 90s indie bands such as the verve. brillant song. spanish sahara is a masterpiece. a grower and a "never let you downer". "this orient" reminds me of bloc party and is like the most poppy song on the album. nevertheless, i really love this song and besides spanish sahara it's my favourite song at the moment (after 4 plays). "after glow" has some singing parts that remind me of the cure. robert smith'esque vocals. the song is a another great tune and one of the songs that are more similar to antidotes. "alabaster" is another laid back song, but has some strong vibes. this is foals 2010. another highlight to me is "2 trees". some sorta space-rock-indie-psychedelic-dance-tune.... or so. a song that can't be done better by any other band than foals. the last song "what remains" is another song that reminds me of antidotes, but the percussion is way stronger and better placed. a great song to end a perfect album.
at all, this album is a highlight 2010. it's different to antidotes (which is nothing negative). it's a masterpiece and it proves that foals are one of the most important british bands in 2o1o and the next years. i am in love!
10/10 (fk)

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similar artists: friendly fires, late of the pier, bloc party, the maccabees, two door cinema club
tags: indie, electronic

forthcoming album: foals - total life forever (warner music - may/10/2010)
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01. blue blood

02. miami
03. total life forever
04. black gold
05. spanish sahara
06. this orient
07. fugue
08. after glow
09. alabaster
10. 2 trees
11. what remains

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