Sunday, May 2

april spawned a monster...

former slowdive member "christian savill" and ex eternal member "sean hewson" are the duo monster movie. until now they have released three albums which were all labelled as dream-pop. their newest album "everyone is a ghost" could be labelled as dream-pop as well, but with less dreams and more pop. it's their first release in 4 years and they worked pretty well on the progression of their music. as a slowdive fan i was really curious to hear their new stuff and i am truly amazed by what i hear. there are some excellent pop tunes on the album, but there's also a lot of that more "experimental" stuff. some of the songs, especially "silver knife" and "bored beyond oblivion" have some distorted guitars and are most similar to what slowdive could have sounded like in 2010. i know it's not fair to compare them with slowdive, but christian savill's voice sometimes still reminds me of the old slowdive stuff. since slowdive are one of my most loved bands of all time, it's not even easy to not comparing monster movie with them. at all, i love this new album. it's extremely entertaining and far better than maps' second album.
8,5/10 (fk)

monster movie on myspace:
similar artists: maps, kyte, air formation, malory, secret shine
tags: shoegaze, electronic

forthcoming album: monster movie - everyone is a ghost (graveface - april/6/2010)
available on iTunes! or order it directly from graveface (limited vinyl available): graveface store

01. the world collapsed

02. down, down, down
03. how the dead live
04. bored beyond oblivion
05. everyone is a ghost
06. in the morning
07. fall
08. silver knife
09. help me make it right
10. a place in the mountains

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