Saturday, May 22

dance the way i feel...

ou est le swimming pool sounds french, but this 3-piece is just as french as fenech-soler. they're based in camden - london and they gained a lot of attention with their very first single "dance the way i feel". now their debut album "the golden years" is about to hit the dancefloors.... and when i say "hit" i mean it. it's one of the best dance/electronic/80s related releases i've heard and even though they don't release on kitsuné.... it could so be one of the best kitsuné releases. i don't have too much info about the release date, but it should be anytime in july. musically they fill the gap between fenech-soler, monarchy, la roux and cut copy. the mix of songs on "the golden years" is perfect. eh.... don't wanna lose too many words. if you're into such music, you gotta buy this... you really have to!!!!
9,5/10 (fk)

ou est le swimming pool on myspace:
similar artists: fenech-soler, penguin prison, baby monster, monarchy, the golden filter
tags: electronic, indie

forthcoming album: ou est le swimming pool - the golden years (july 2010)
will be vailable on iTunes!



01. jackson's last stand

02. these new knights
03. dance the way i feel
04. outside
05. better
06. the key
07. our lives
08. the feeling
09. get along
10. curtain falls
11. next to nothing

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