Saturday, May 29

summer holiday music...

wild nothing is the solo project of jack tatum. he gained some attention with his single "cloudbusting", back in february this year. now the release of wild nothing's debut album "gemini" is finally upon us. i didn't know what to expect, since i just knew cloudbusting before.... and as you know, or not, it's a kate bush cover. the album itself is like a big pink jewel, glittering from above a light blue house in the middle of a magic wood. it's like you'd ride on clouds. all songs seem to be wrapped in cotton wool and packed in a golden box. they're spacey and if you're gonna listen to this on your headphones be aware you're not gonna drift away. honestly, i am not sure if this is what i wanna hear all the time, since it's way too sweet, but for the right moment, it's perfect. my favourite songs are "summer holiday", "bored games" and "chinatown".
8/10 (fk)

wild nothing on myspace:
similar artists: memoryhouse, kisses, washed out, his clancyness, the radio dept.
tags: dream pop, indie

actual album: wild nothing - gemini (captured tracks - may/26/2010)
available on iTunes!

01. live in dreams

02. summer holiday
03. drifter
04. pessimist
05. o lilac
06. bored games
07. confirmation
08. my angel lonely
09. the witching hour
10. chinatown
11. our composition book
12. gemini

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