Friday, May 28


another shoegaze/electronic thing comes from france.... team ghost. no real newcomers, since one third of this band (nicholas fromageau) was a former member of m83, until he split with them in 2003. team ghost's debut ep sounds perfect. the sound is clear, the music is well produced, but not over-produced. the ep's swinging from more electronic and m83'esque oriented songs (lonely, lonely, lonely) to the more shoegaze oriented ones (a glorious time) without drifting into one direction. a great and promising debut! keep an eye on these guys!
7,5/10 (fk)

team ghost on myspace:
similar artists: m83, letting up despite great faults, the depreciation guild, malory, school of seven bells
tags: shoegaze, electronic

actual album: team ghost - you never did anything wrong to me ep (kiss me first rec. - april/26/2010)
available on iTunes!

01. lonely, lonely, lonely

02. a glorious time
03. sur nous les étincelles du soleil
04. echoes
05. only you can break my heart
06. colors in time
07. deaf

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