Thursday, June 17

best friends...

finally the drums' album is out and i am holding a copy of it in my hands. this brooklyn based four-piece has been hyped all over the international music press throughout the past months. honestly, i don't give a damn on what the press is hyping, but this time i got infected. those catchy songs on their ep "summertime" made me an addict. now.... the album continues where they stopped with their ep, but.... yes but, the album has 12 songs and the ep just had 6. the problem about albums is, that it's pretty difficult to keep the quality of the songs on the same level. to make it short.... the drums manage to keep the quality of their song-writing on a very high level. songs like "book of stories", "skippin' town" and "forever & ever amen" are best proof, that the drums are even better than what some critics say. i don't see a similarity to the smiths or other 80s bands. yes, there is some 80s in their songs, but that does not mean they are the new smiths. ask me that in 5 years if they're still around and released a masterpiece like "the queen is dead"... but for now it's just the drums.... a very interesting, and promising band from brooklyn, that made one of the best "summer records".
9,5/10 (fk)

the drums on myspace:
similar artists: surfer blood, real estate, two door cinema club, vampire weekend, girls
tags: indie pop, surf pop

actual album: the drums - the drums (moshi moshi - june/7/2010)
available on iTunes!

01. best friend

02. me and the moon
03. let's go surfing
04. book of stories
05. skippin' town
06. forever & ever amen
07. down by the water
08. it will all end in tears
09. we tried
10. i need fun in my life
11. i'll never drop my sword
12. the future

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  1. exactly...i'm still stuck thinking of them as a summertime band.