Thursday, July 1

austin psychos

take the cramps, the reid brothers, spacemen 3 and lock them in a garage full of spiders, rotten guitars and old smelly shoes. wait some years.... and then unlock the garage and see what comes out.... yeah okay, since it's pretty hard to lock these all those mentioned people for many years, it's even easier to grab some bucks for buying woven bones' first full length "in and out and back again". what you get is the exact same thing, as if you'd lock the cramps, jesus & mary chain and spacemen 3 in a garage. their sound is nothing new, but they manage to mix noise with drone, drone with psychobilly and psychobilly with psychedelic. an album full of noisy energy. enough energy to keep you droned for a whole day. great debut from this austin/orlando 3-piece.
8.5/10 (fk)

woven bones on myspace:
similar artists: spacemen 3, the jesus & mary chain, a place to bury strangers, jacuzzi boys, the oh sees
tags: psychedelic, noise

actual album: woven bones - in and out and back again (HoZac - may/18/2010)
available on iTunes

01. i'll be runnin

02. guess you already knew
03. 7 year mirror
04. if it feels alright
05. your way with my life
06. creepy bone
07. half sunk into the seats
08. couldn't help but stare
09. blind conscience

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