Sunday, July 11

the b.b.c. goes acoustic...

only about a year and a bit after bombay bicycle club's higly acclaimed debut, this amazing 4-piece comes up with another album named "flaws". first off.... this album has nothing to do with their debut... since it's an acoustic album. after listening to the single "ivy & gold" i was a bit afraid, the album could become a "mumford & sons" copy. well, at least it is not a copy of anything, but then.... it's also nothing really new or groundbreaking. some songs sound like a mixture of sufjan stevens and josé gonzález.... which does not automatically mean that it's something bad. honestly the album is nice and especially songs like "my god" or "fairytale lullaby" keep stuck in my ear..... but i am not overwhelmed, as i was when i held the very first bombay bicycle ep in my hands.... back in 2008. i still love this band, but for the next album i'd wish me something more thrilling than an acoustic album.
7/10 (fk)

bombay bicycle club on myspace:
similar artists: the maccabees, flashguns, good shoes, mystery jets, cajun dance party
tags: indie, british

forthcoming album: bombay bicycle club - flaws (island/universal - july/16/2010)
album will be available on iTunes

01. rinse me down
02. many ways
03. dust on the ground
04. ivy & gold
05. leaving blues
06. fairytale lullaby
07. word by word
08. jewel
09. my god
10. flaws
11. swansea

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