Friday, July 23

best coast - crazy for you

finally... finally... bethany cosentino and bob bruno aka best coast come up with their long awaited full length entitled "crazy for you". of course you remember the amazing "when i'm with you" single.... and of course "our deal" is still on your playlists.... of course you have a thing for female fronted beach-n-surf rock bands.... then you can't just miss this album. okay, after all that enthusiasm comes a tiny bit of a downer... because the album is not perfect. the 12 songs sound pretty much the same, except for 1 or 2 exceptions, which could make it boring pretty fast. but..... not for now. for now it's a wonderful trip down the west coast.... with this music on the player and the sun shining through the backlight of your 1965 mustang it makes summer the best time of the year. 1 1/2 thumbs up for this album..... i am a fan!
8/10 (fk)

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: dum dum girls, beach fossils, wavves, girls, surfer blood
tags: surf, garage pop

forthcoming album: best coast - crazy for you - ( - july/27/2010)
album will be available on amazon and iTunes!

01. boyfriend
02. crazy for you
03. the end
04. goodbye
05. summer mood
06. our deal
07. i want to
08. when the sun don't shine
09. bratty b
10. honey
11. happy
12. each & everyday
13. when i'm with you

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  1. This really is thé summer album of 2010 :D I love it. But noit as much as Arcade Fire ^^