Thursday, July 1

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three years after "myth takes", sacramento's !!! will return with their new album "strange weather, isn't it". the album will be out on august 23 (uk) and august 24 (usa). i don't wanna lose too many words about the album, because it simply is a masterpiece. !!! have the funk and they have the gift to entertain and when i say entertain, i really mean it. the album has no real lows, but so many highs. i don't really have a favourite, but if i had to point one out, i'd go for "the hammer". it's a monster of a funky stomper. at all, the album is by far better than anything from other, similar bands such as shitdisco, radio 4 or the rapture. in the past i wasn't a huge fan of !!!, but this album is like a wake-up call to fall in love with !!!.
9,5/10 (fk)

!!! on myspace:
similar artists: shitdisco, the rapture, radio 4, lcd soundsystem, out hud
tags: indie, electronic

forthcoming album: !!! - strange weather, isn't it (warp - august/23/2010)
album will be available at iTunes

01. am/fm

02. the most certain sure
03. wannagain, wannagain
04. jamie, my intentions are bass
05. steady as the sidewalk cracks
06. hollow
07. jump back
08. even judas gave jesus a kiss
09. the hammer
10. blue
11. made of money

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  1. whoa! unexpected--it doesn't hold up to what i was expecting, this was the first i'd heard them,but i've heard about them forever. i will say though, that while my overall view is not particularly positive, it does have spots all over it during which i think "oh wow! i DO like this,"--so perhaps those are your highs and perhaps i need to keep listening!