Thursday, July 22

kisses - people can do the most amazing things ep

i would like to introduce you the next Maman Records EP released on August 2. Kisses, is a los-angeles based disco project featuring jesse kivel (from the band Princeton) and zinzi edmundson. early in life, kivel developed a friendship with venerated cult disco producer alec r. costandinos, who rose to prominence in the late 1970s on a wave of ambitious concept albums and club singles. as costandinos made available his knowledge and a healthy vinyl collection, the seeds for the kisses album were sewn -- the kisses name chosen as a nod to costandinos' erstwhile 'love & kisses' project. as this creative relationship blossomed, jesse took a day job as a travel writer to help makes end meet. his editors asked him to review hundreds of exotic hotels and resorts, many of which he had never seen or heard of before. the imagery used to write these reviews wove itself through the lyrics of songs like 'bermuda' and 'women of the club', as well as the overall sound of 'the heart of the nightlife'. the ep is remixed by DyE (tigersushi) and Logo (kitsuné).
8.5/10 (fk)

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tags: indie, chillwave

forthcoming ep: kisses - people can do the most amazing things - (maman records - august/2/2010)
ep will be available on iTunes!

01. people can do the most amazing things
02. people can do the most amazing things (dye remix)
03. people can do the most amazing things (logo remix)


  1. Dein Blog ist aber sehr produktiv zurzeit Frank...schön schön :)

  2. danke henning.... es gibt so viele gute neue sachen. über schlechtes schreib ich einfach nicht ^^