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formed in 2005 after former fishmonger and car mechanic dan warden and miles copeland met in a joke-shop, time was spent studying "avant garde production" before the duo decided to turn their talents to crafting sixties-rooted sunshine pop. almost three years after their 2007 album "harpischord treacle", they return with another album "sunshine pops!". if you didn't get it from that title, the album happens to be of a rather sunny disposition. this doesn't necessarily mean something bad, but the album is way weaker than their 2007 album. there are some nice tunes on it, but for such a short 9-track album i would have expected a stronger collection of new songs. the album also contains the 2004 song "would it be impossible".... so it's only 8 new songs. the album is neat and i like this band, but i am a little disappointed.
6.5/10 (fk)

the superimposers on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/superimposers
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tags: indie, indie pop

actual album: the superimposers - sunshine pops! - (http://www.wonderfulsound.com/ july/12/2010)
album available on iTunes!

01. where do you go?
02. little miss valentine
03. seeing is believing
04. the beach
05. the harbour mystery
06. tumbledown
07. four leaf clover
08. sometimes
09. would it be impossible

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