Sunday, August 15

night gallery - constant struggle

night gallery is a duo (aaron david ross & adam griffin) from chicago. their music could be best described as.... 80's driven electronic nu chillwave..... ha!... another obscure new label! seriously, their album is 80's sound in perfection, but it's also got a bit of a dreamy mood under the surface of the songs.... if you listen carefully. some parts of the album remind me of HURTS, but it's way more electronic. it took me a while to get into it and honestly i can't listen to it all the time.... but this 80s stuff really gets you.... if you have a thing for it.
7.5/10 (fk)

night gallery on myspace:
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tags: synthpop, new wave

actual album: night gallery - constant struggle (august 10, 2010)
album available on iTunes!

01. constant struggle
02. wild palms
03. mary bell
04. fever dreamer
05. too many men
06. real normal
07. nobility
08. sex curse

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