Sunday, August 1

teen daze - four more years

canadian weeks folks.... first arcade fire (gonna write about "the suburbs" later) and now teen daze. actually these two bands have nothing in common, except for being from canada. teen daze hail from vancouver and... my bad... i don't know nothing about them. what i know is that their ep, mini-album or whatever it is.... is so special.... so awesome.... so lovely. it makes me sitting on my chair with a huge smile on my face. it's chillwave with stronger beats. it could be a dance record if it wasn't that beautiful. it could be labelled as "dreamtronica"... for those who have a thing for obscure and silly labels. the amazing "gone for the summer" is an outstanding tune and to me... once again... the soundtrack to a summer that is about to fade. the album is pure love packed in beats and lush vocals in the background. it's an album i'm gonna listen when waking up on a rainy day... it'll make dark clouds go away and keeps the sun shining in my heart. how poetic.... but yes this album is love!!!!!!
10/10 (fk)

teen daze on myspace:
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tags: chillwave, electronic

actual ep: teen daze - four more years (july 27, 2010)
mp3 downloads on amazon and album will be available iTunes!

01. four more years
02. gone for the summer
03. neon
04. around
05. no regrets
06. shine on, you crazy white cap
07. saviour
08. spin around, go ahead

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