Saturday, September 11

crocodiles - sleep forever

what a nice surprise.... crocodiles are back with a brand new album. produced by james ford, who is also known as one half of simian mobile disco. if you loved crocodiles' debut album, you might feel a bit confused about "sleep forever" since it's really different.... at least to me. gone is the rough darkness. honestly.... don't we have enough bands that sound amateur'ish without being amateurs? that's why i really like their new album. it's a clean production without being "over-produced" and their new songs are extremely powerful (just listen to the new single "sleep forever" or the great "stoned to death"). i see some similarity to bands such as glasvegas, but without the drama.... and/or frightened rabbit, but with more power. it's only 8 songs on the album, but they work pretty well together. i am in love with this album.... after 2 plays!!
9/10 (fk)

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similar artists
: frightened rabbit, glasvegas, white lies, thieving irons, the cinematics
tags: indie, rock

forthcoming album: crocodiles - sleep forever (september 24, 2010)
(fat possum records)
album will be available as mp3 download and physical release (cd/vinyl) on amazon!

01. mirrors
02. stoned to death
03. hollow hollow eyes
04. girl in black
05. sleep forever
06. billy speed
07. hearts of love
08. all my love and my hexes are for you

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